Simplify sophisticated transfer patterns


Quickly Assemble or Reformat Your Assays

Design, develop, and assemble assays with ease

Enable a broad range of plate transfer patterns from plate replication to library compression, reformatting, and custom mapping. A drag-and-drop interface, combined with color-coded plate previews, simplifies setting up even the most complex protocols.

Example of a simplified PCR workflow

96 Samples

96 samples replicated 4 times in a 384-well plate

4 Primer Pairs

Each source well transferred to 96 destination wells interleaved

Destination Plate

Master Mix

Transfers from on source well to all destination wells

1 Control Plate

Identify groups of wells to be treated identically

4 x 384 Source Plates 1 x 1536 Assay Plate

Plus controls from a separate plate

4 Source Plates

368 samples / plate; each source well transferred to 1 destination well

Easily setup designs for your assay plates

  • Define transfer regions to create custom layouts
  • Offset transfers to any position in a well
  • Insert delays between transfers for incubations, settling, etc.
  • Use multiple wells as one grouped source for larger volume transfers
  • Replicate or reformat sample libraries in 384- and 1536-well formats to 96-, 384-, and 1536-well assay plates
  • Compress libraries into interleaved patterns or separate quadrants

Echo Plate Reformat Specifications

Description Specifications
Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), or Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Windows 7 compatibility mode); Windows.Net Framework 4.62 or greater
CPU Intel® Core™ i5 or later
Memory 4 GB or greater
Network connection 10/100/1000 BaseT (2 network connections are required)
Network protocol TCP/IP
Hard drive 4 GB free space required
Video resolution 1920 x 1080 recommended resolution (1440 x 900 minimum resolution)
Echo® Client Software 2.6 or later
Echo.Net Framework 1.7 or later