Graphical mapping of samples and reagents to any assay plate layout


Graphical Mapping of Samples and Reagents to Any Assay Plate Layout

Echo Plate Reformat software offers a variety of transfer functions, including plate replication, library compression and customizable reformatting. A drag-and-drop user interface and color-coded plate preview simplifies setup of even the most complex assay plate layouts.

Simple, Sophisticated Plate Transfer Functions

Echo Plate Reformat
  • Compatible with traditional tip-based transfer patterns
  • Sophisticated plate reformatting and sample pooling with no limits on transfer region size or location through additional mapping options

Drag-and-Drop Graphical Interface

  • Fast, straightforward protocol creation that minimizes preparation time
  • Immediate visual reference to sample locations though color-coded regions

User-defined Output Files

  • Flexibility in output file format (XML, CSV and TXT) with customizable report structure, file directory and file name for rapid file lookup