JALA Special ADE Issue

Advancing innovations with acoustic droplet ejection (ADE)

  • Featuring over 23 papers highlighting Echo Acoustic Liquid Handlers

JALA Special Issue Highlights How Acoustic Droplet Ejection Enables Scientific Innovation

Acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) has been widely accepted as the state-of-the-art liquid handling solution in high-throughput screening, but the technology is now being applied in a rapidly growing set of applications. The JALA Special Issue, “Advancing Scientific Innovation with Acoustic Droplet Ejection,” features over twenty articles highlighting the revolutionary nature of ADE across a diverse set of applications.

ADE uses acoustic energy to transfer fluids without the use of pipette tips or pin tools. Sound waves eject precisely-sized droplets from the source liquid to a microplate, microscope slide, or other surface. Unparalleled precision, accuracy and speed, the ability to miniaturize assays, and more biologically relevant results are all demonstrated benefits. ADE has set new standards of performance for automated liquid handling and the JALA Special Issue highlights how ADE has fostered innovation in the fields of personalized medicine, synthetic biology, and drug combination therapy. Other articles focus on using ADE to improve results while reducing costs in genotyping, RNA interference, and cell-based assays. This Special Issue also dives into areas not often visited by JALA, including the impact of ADE on protein crystallography and mass spectrometry.

The Power of ADE High Precision and Unsurpassed Accuracy

Researchers currently using ADE will find new opportunities to use their systems. Researchers investigating ADE will find this issue will widen their horizons on how they could implement ADE in their labs. Scientists new to ADE may be surprised that a liquid handling technique can have such significant impact on their experiments and results.

The power of ADE — high precision, unsurpassed accuracy, elimination of leachates and sample binding, high speed and precision transfers — is breaking barriers in an ever growing number of applications.

Labcyte sponsorship has supported these papers, making them available to the entire scientific community - available for free via Sage Journals website. We hope you enjoy the diversity of these articles and see how ADE can help your lab.


Journal of Laboratory Automation

(February 2016)

Advancing Scientific Innovation with Acoustic Droplet Ejection

with Guest Editors

Joe Olechno, Clive Green, and Lynn Rasmussen