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Miniaturization of One-Step Gene Expression using the Access™ Laboratory Workstation and the Echo® Liquid Handler

R Dyer, C Glazer, T Allison, S Datwani, J Barco


Quantitative PCR (qPCR) is a powerful tool used for genotyping, SNP analysis, and gene-expression studies. Quantitative detection of small mRNA expression changes facilitates the characterization o...

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Acoustic Liquid Handling Applied to Protein Crystallography – Miniaturizing, Formulating, Transferring, Seeding, Monitoring, & LCP Formation

J. Olechno, S. Datwani, B. Eaton, M. Sonntag, D. Harris, J. Barco, R. Huang, R. Stearns, R. Ellson


Acoustic liquid handling - using sound to move fluids and suspensions - has been wide accepted in the pharmaceutical high-throughput screening community and now has been applied to protein crystall...

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Miniaturizing RNAi Assays: Acoustic Droplet Ejection Enables Efficient and Reproducible Transfer of siRNA Molecules at Low Concentrations

C Jarman, C Edwards, E Bennett, A Bryne, A Hoff, G Bakos, D Kelleher, A Long, A Davies, S Pickett


To facilitate large-scale, high-throughput functional genomics studies using RNAi, we have developed acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) technology to meet the current demands of a successful siRNA lib...

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300 nL Gene Expression in a One-Step Process Directly From Cells

C Glazer, H Lee, M Sonntag, S Datwani


Recent innovations in cell lysis reagents and high throughput quantitative PCR miniaturization have allowed researchers to increase throughput while decreasing labor and reagent costs. To ensure hi...

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Access™ Laboratory Workstation: A Novel Approach to Quickly and Easily Add Automation to Echo® Liquid Handlers

R. Dyer, B. Browning, H. Vlahos


As researchers begin to utilize the Echo liquid handler in areas new to automation, a need for a small scale automation platform that is easy to use and implement is critical. The Access Laboratory...

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Miniaturization of 1536-well Quantitative PCR using the Echo® Liquid Handler

C Glazer, M Sonntag, H Lee, C Jarman, S Pickett, S Datwani


Miniaturized quantitative PCR (qPCR) in 1536-well plates hold great promise for increased throughput and reagent savings. Delivering reagents to high-density plates can be challenging for conventio...

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Precise and Accurate Transfer of Kinase Enzymes

H Lee, S Datwani, S Pickett


Aqueous enzyme solutions have historically been problematic to dispense in tip-based liquid handlers. Enzymes are often supplied in solution containing glycerol. Glycerol increases the viscosity of...

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High Throughput Secondary Screening—1400 Dose-Response Curves per Hour

J Olechno, J Shieh, F Lesani, H Vlahos


We have developed a plate preparation workstation (the POD™ 810 plate assembler) that is controlled by an intellectual scheduler to increase the productivity of secondary screening labs. Dose-respo...

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Acoustic Droplet Ejection Improves Dose-Response Determinations

J Olechno, R Ellson


Dose-response experiments, such as IC50 analyses, are time- and labor-intensive. They usually require multiple serial dilutions and large amounts of sample. Aqueous serial dilutions of concentrated...

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Compound Transfer to 3456-well Assay Plates Using The Echo®550

F Masse, S Guiral, S Kargman, C Brideau


Many of the HTS assays at Merck are performed in the 3456-well format to enable rapid screening of the sample collection and to reduce the cost of an HTS campaign. Our laboratory has successfully m...

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