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The New Sound of Sample Management

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Featuring the New Echo Acoustic Sample Management Solution

Visit us at SLAS Europe 2018, in Brussels, Belgium, 27–29 June, to learn how the newest development in sample management assures sample integrity, improves data quality, and reduces running costs throughout the process. In collaboration with AstraZeneca, Brooks Life Sciences, and Titian Software, Labcyte is introducing the Access™ Dual Robot System (DRS) for sample management, seamlessly integrating Echo® Liquid Handlers and acoustic tubes to expand the flexibility of source libraries. The simplified process supports miniaturization starting at sample storage, avoids the impact of microplate freeze-thaw cycles, eliminates the need for tip-based liquid handling, and improves overall reliability of sample management workflows.

  • WED, 27 JUN
  • 12:45 - 13:45
  • Poster # 1113
Development of Microbiological Applications with the Echo® Acoustic Liquid Handler

Riccardo Russo, Ph.D.Sr. Research Associate Rutgers The State University of New Jersey New Jersey Medical School Center for Biodefense

ABSTRACT: High-throughput screening accelerates the discovery of new antibiotics against multidrug resistant bacteria. We present new protocols developed and optimized for the miniaturization and automation of microbiological assays using the Labcyte Echo acoustic liquid handler. The Echo system quickly and accurately dispenses chemicals and reagents using sound. The protocols developed increased our assay capacity by 400%, decreased assay set-up times by 90% and significantly increased assay accuracy. The Echo system decreased the compounds and supplies used. This is an important feature since there might be a limited availability of newly synthetized compounds. We developed protocols for the Minimal Inhibitory Concentration assays, synergy assays with multiple antimicrobial compounds, determination of bacteria concentration of bacteria in liquid cultures, and bacterial growth/killing curve assays.

  • WED, 27 JUN
  • 12:45 - 13:45
  • Poster # 1174
Combining Tube-based Storage with New Acoustic Liquid Handling Technology to Dramatically Increase Sample Management Efficiency

Aurore Lejeune-DodgeField Applications ScientistLabcyte Inc.

ABSTRACT: Traditional sample management and high throughput screening has relied heavily on high density microplates for compound storage and tip-based liquid handling solutions for processing. Drawbacks of these technologies have included increased microplate storage space requirements (empty wells cannot be excluded), sample integrity challenges (accessing sample subsets in a microplate requires thawing the entire plate) and compound loss during transfer (due to adhesion to or contamination from the tip plastic itself). Superior Sample Storage Solution FluidX™ AcoustiX™ Sample Tubes offer 70 μL working volume with a 15 μL dead volume when working with DMSO. The storage tubes have a unique cap design capable of withstanding over 500 cap/decap cycles and maintaining long term (years) sample integrity.

  • Poster # 1249
Long-Term Compound Storage in Acoustically Enabled Tubes: Theory and Experiment

Richard EllsonChief Technology OfficerLabcyte Inc.

ABSTRACT: Acoustic transfer of compounds between microplates by Echo® Liquid Handling instruments has facilitated high-throughput drug discovery at a reduced cost. Until now, these workflows used Echo qualified microtiter plates with either 384 or 1536 wells. We have developed an acoustic tube in a 96-tube format rack that offers modular placement of tubes at each location. Each tube can be individually picked-and-placed or individually opened-and-closed with associated automation. The tubes can be accessed one at a time, all together, or in any combination. Transferring and storing compounds in DMSO from any rack position has been enabled. We evaluated the effect of fill volume and number of decapping cycles on the overall tube performance in terms of maintaining DMSO sample integrity.

  • THUR, 28 JUN

The New Sound of Sample Management

High-Throughput, Fully-Automated, Production of Assay-Ready Plates from Samples Stored in Tubes using Echo Acoustic Liquid Handling on the New Access Dual-Robot System for Acoustic Sample Management.

Stuart Ratcliffe Sr. Scientist - Compound Management, AstraZeneca, Alderley Park, UK

Toby Winchester Automation Product Manager, Titian Software

Justin Jager Product Manager - Lab Automation, Labcyte Inc.

Iain Russell, Ph.D. Sr. Product Manager, Labcyte Inc.

ABSTRACT: To revolutionize AstraZeneca’s sample management capability with acoustic-based technology, AstraZeneca partnered with Labcyte to develop and implement the Access Dual Robot System (DRS) for acoustic sample management. In this talk, Stuart Ratcliffe from AstraZeneca will discuss the aspects of the Access DRS that will lead to improved overall performance, usability, and efficiency.

This workshop will also provide an overview of the new Echo® Acoustic Liquid Handler designed to dispense from the Brooks Life Sciences FluidX AcoustiX Sample Tubes, and provide data highlighting instrument performance. We will discuss the features and benefits of the Access™ DRS that enable sample management groups to fully automate assay-ready plate production from samples stored in tubes or plates.

Titian with provide an overview of how Mosaics new Tempo Fulfillment Module has been developed to support the new processes and make it possible to process multiple tubes on multiple requests and hence support scientists in delivering life-changing research.

  • THUR, 28 JUN
  • 13:15 - 14:15
  • Poster # 1175
Reinventing Sample Management: Integrating New Technologies to Develop a Complete Store-to-Assay Solution Utilizing Acoustic Liquid Handling

Aurore Lejeune-DodgeField Applications ScientistLabcyte Inc.

ABSTRACT: In collaboration with AstraZeneca, Brooks Life Sciences, and Titian Software, Labcyte has developed a fully automated system that combines new acoustic tube and acoustic liquid handling technologies with industry leading devices to improve the overall efficiency of assay-ready plate production for screening. The system is optimized to provide a high level of processing throughput and is equipped with a unique integrated environment design to preserve sample integrity. Additionally, the system implements an advanced LIMS integration to track samples from order creation to scientific assay data. This poster highlights each new technology and describes how they come together to deliver the ultimate sample management platform.