Featuring the Access™ Dual Robot System

The New Sound of Sample Management


Featuring the New Acoustic Sample Management Solution

Learn how the newest development in sample management assures sample integrity, improves data quality, and reduces running costs throughout the process. In collaboration with Brooks Life Sciences, Titian Software, and AstraZeneca, Labcyte is introducing the Access™ Dual Robot System (DRS) for sample management, seamlessly integrating Echo® Liquid Handlers and acoustic tubes to expand the flexibility of source libraries. The simplified process supports miniaturization starting at sample storage, avoids the impact of microplate freeze-thaw cycles, eliminates the need for tip-based liquid handling, and improves overall reliability of sample management workflows.

  • MON, FEB 5

The New Sound of Sample Management

Development of New Technologies and Software to Enable the Use of Acoustic Liquid Handling from Sample Store to Screen

Clive Green Executive Director and Head of Sample Management, AstraZeneca

Robin Grimwood VP & General Manager, Brooks Life Sciences

Toby Winchester Automation Product Manager, Titian Software

Randy Dyer Director, Product Marketing, Labcyte Inc.

ABSTRACT: To follow the launch of their collaboration at SLAS 2017, leaders from AstraZeneca, Labcyte Inc., Brooks Life Sciences, and Titian Software will discuss their collaborative effort to develop liquid handlers, automated storage systems, and integration software required to implement acoustic tubes for sample management.

At this event, attendees will hear about AstraZeneca’s experience engaging with multiple technology providers to develop new products for transforming their sample management and screening programs. As AstraZeneca increases the diversity of its screening library, the ability to acoustically transfer nanoliter volumes of sample directly from low-volume storage tubes will enable the screening of rare or difficult to synthesize samples and reduce storage costs. Additionally, the rapid cherry-picking and plating of samples will enable a more efficient creation of target-specific libraries for iterative screening programs.

Attendees will also hear from leaders at Labcyte, Brooks, and Titian, who will describe how they have collaborated with AstraZeneca to bring to market a revolutionary sample management system capable of producing assay-ready plates for screening and other research applications, relying only on acoustic liquid handling to transfer samples directly from storage tubes.

  • TUE, FEB 6

The New Sound of Sample Management

High-Throughput, Fully-Automated, Production of Assay- Ready Plates from Samples Stored in Tubes using Echo® Acoustic Liquid Handling on the New Access™ Dual Robot System for Acoustic Sample Management

Silvio Di CastroSr. Automation Scientist,AstraZeneca

Iain Russell, Ph.D.Sr. Product Manager,Labcyte Inc.

Justin JagerProduct Manager - Lab Automation,Labcyte Inc.

ABSTRACT: Hear how AstraZeneca Sample Management is using acoustic tubes to deploy fully acoustic workflows, increasing sample storage density for faster picking throughputs, minimizing sample and solvent consumption, and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. The deployment of the new technology will provide greater flexibility and better-quality assay data.

Working in collaboration with Brooks Life Sciences, Labcyte has launched the next evolution in non-contact acoustic liquid handling with a sample tube compatible with Echo® Acoustic Liquid Handling technology. This tutorial will provide an overview of the new liquid handler instrument and data highlighting its performance with the new FluidX Sample Tubes supplied by Brooks. The combination of acoustic tubes and acoustic liquid handling offers a more efficient, streamlined approach to non-contact acoustic transfer of samples and reagents for s management and small molecule screening groups.

Building on the success of providing mid-sized automation systems for sample management groups using Echo Liquid Handlers, Labcyte further expands their automation portfolio with the launch of the Access™ Dual-Robot Systems (DRS) and Access Single- Robot Systems (SRS). The new systems provide more flexibility and scalability for automating both tube and plate-based acoustic liquid handling workflows. With a compact, modular design and feature set targeting sample management, the new Access systems will allow sample management groups to fully automate assay-ready plate production from samples stored in tubes or plates.

  • TUE, FEB 6

High Precision Liquid Handling

Learn How Acoustic Liquid Handling Can Improve Your Bioassay Workflows

Iain Russell, Ph.D.Sr. Product Manager Labcyte Inc.

ABSTRACT: The Labcyte Echo Acoustic Liquid Handlers have been adopted across pharmaceutical sample management and screening programs for the dispensing of reagents in a wide variety of molecular and cellular assays. The key features of non-contact acoustic liquid handling include lower transfer volumes (as little as 2.5 nL) and no sample-tip interactions - eliminating compound loss due to adhesion to or contamination from the tip plastic itself. As a result, use of acoustic liquid handling often leads to improved data quality, higher throughput, and lower assay costs.

Downstream pharmaceutical groups responsible for bioassay development and testing have expressed interest in using the Echo Liquid Handlers for very similar reasons, however, are often governed by strict regulations designed to maintain full traceability for all aspects of bioassay development and deployment. During this tutorial, we will discuss the benefits to non-contact liquid handling when running bioassays, how Labcyte is supporting customers working within regulated environments and share feedback from our customers on our latest software solution, Echo 21CFR11 Compliance Manager.